Lama Yeshe Ling Welcomes the Life Size Buddha Statue

Lama Yeshe Ling embarked upon a project to invite a life-size statue of the Buddha to our center in 2020, which due to many benefactors was fully funded that year. With some research, we eventually settled on India as the source for the statue and through the kindness of several friends and relatives in Delhi, the statue finally arrived just this Wednesday. Much could be said about the adventure this has been and it is a joy to behold this statue now residing at the centre.

Now that the Buddha statue has arrived, the remaining activities of cleansing the statue, filling the statue with many holy objects, such as rolls of mantra (already blessed by the monks of Gyurme tantric college in Delhi), items blessed by Lamas, and fragrant incense can begin. The final step will be an official invocation ceremony to consecrate the statue.

Although the statue is not complete, Geshe Sonam and Khedrup enthusiastically ‘unofficially’ welcomed the statue with flower petals, katas and incense when the statue arrived on Wednesday.


Geshe Sonam welcomes Buddha with flowers

Khedrup la and Dave carry the statue Into the centre