Teachers and Facilitators

Geshe Sonam Ngodrup

Our resident Lama, Geshe Sonam Ngodrup, was born in 1968 in the Ganze region of Kham, Tibet and left at the age of 13 to study Buddhism in India. He was ordained as a novice monk at Sera Jey Monastery that year, and at the age of 21 received full ordination from His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Over the years he regularly attended many of His Holiness’ teachings in India. At Sera Jey, he studied the philosophical texts primarily with Khensur Rinpoche Dorje Tashi, Khensur Rinpoche Lobsang Delek, and Geshe Karma Sonam.
Geshe la graduated as a Geshe Lharampa from Sera Jey Monastery in first position in 2003, and in 2004 completed a year of tantric studies at Gyumed Monastery in Hunsur. He was one of the most popular petri geygan (official scripture teachers) at Sera Jey with several hundred students, teaching complex topics of the monastic curriculum. He also served in various capacities at the monastery including as khangtsen gen at Tehor Khangtsen. In addition, Geshe la taught sutra studies at Dzongkhar Choede and Gyumed monasteries where his classes were in high demand. In 2011, Geshe la came to the West, teaching the topics of the Basic Program first at Nalanda Monastery in France and then at Maitreya Institute in the Netherlands, in addition to courses on introductory Buddhism throughout Europe. While in Europe he received teachings and empowerments from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche in particular.
In 2019, Geshe la settled in Canada. He is a well-loved teacher whose vast scriptural knowledge is tempered by a naturally humble nature and profound non-sectarian approach to the study of the teachings.

Venerable Khedrup – Language Interpreter

David Gould – Program Facilitator