About the Practices We Do

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation is a powerful tool for understanding the mind, uprooting habits that harm ourselves and others, and cultivating positive mind states and good qualities. For centuries this style of meditation has provided tranquility and contentment to practitioners, helping them to find meaning in their lives and move forward on the path to enlightenment.

All the practices on this page can be practiced by everyone, but self-generation (visualizing yourself transforming as the deity) requires initiation.


White Mahākāla

White Mahākāla helps us on our path to awakening by removing obstacles to practice and assisting us to enjoy the prosperity of good health and adequate wealth and time for study and meditation practice.

A ritual offering of tea (golden drink) to White Mahākāla in order to generate merit and remove obstacles.


Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig)

Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig) is the most revered of all Bodhisattva, embodying the compassion of all Buddhas. He listens to the prayers of all sentient beings in times of challenge and difficulty. When you recite the mantra OM MA NI PAD ME HUM yourself and all beings you come into contact with benefit. Learn more about Chenrezig's mantra here: https://lamayesheling.org/avalokitesvara-chenrezig/

After having been requested, His Holiness the Dalai Lama composed this brief yet complete glance meditation of the entire path of the guru yoga of the inseparability of himself and Avalokiteshvara, with the recitation of the name mantra and six syllables as well as complete instructions on what should be done, in a way that was easy to practice.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche says in Abiding in the Retreat:

“If you pray to Chenrezig, it is easy to purify negative karma and to have realizations. This is besides the temporary benefits in regard to the works of this life. Without need of much hardship in doing reflection and meditation, there is no doubt that with mere prayer you can be guided by Chenrezig whenever you have problems or fears. And at death time, you will easily be born in the Chenrezig pure land, Potala, or in the Amitabha pure land, Dewachen (Skt: Sukhavati).”


Tara the Liberator

Tara represents the wisdom and compassion of all the enlightened beings in a female form. Meditating on Tara is a very powerful way to identify and connect with our own inner potential for wisdom and compassion. By practicing Tara meditation you can eliminate inner and outer obstacles to the development of your mind, create much merit, and achieve quick success in attaining enlightenment.


Medicine Buddha

The Medicine Buddha puja purifies and heals on all levels. It heals the body and mind, and removes obstacles. It is considered particularly powerful for people who are sick or have recently died, and for bringing both temporal success and the ultimate success of enlightenment.


Lama Tsongkhapa

Lama Tsongkhapa practice can effectively increases our compassion and wisdom while also healing unhealthy states of mind, purifying suffering karma, and creating the inner causes for happiness. It is very beneficial for all levels of meditation experience.

Lama Tsongkhapa is the great 14th century scholar and adept was the founder of the most popular lineage of Tibetan Buddhism today, this also being the principle lineage of the Dalai Lama. He is regarded as writing some of the most practical, clear, and easily understandable commentaries on Buddhas teachings.