Support Geshe Sonam Becoming a Permanent Resident

Update: Thank you to all who have so generously given to fully support Geshe Sonam in the process of achieving permanent residency in Canada. We have surpassed our goal by $150! These extra funds will go towards covering Operational expenses such as rent and phone bills.

We are delighted to announce that Geshe Sonam la has been granted long-term residency in Canada, which means Geshe la now can apply for Permanent Residency, and eventually become a Canadian citizen. Lama Yeshe Ling is supporting Geshe Sonam in this immigration process, including legal and government fees, documentation costs, and volunteer administration. We estimate the process leading to permanent residency will come to $2500. We are so pleased to be able to support Geshe la in becoming a permanent resident and want to give you the opportunity to do so as well.

We are so grateful for your support – everything we do arises from the ethic of generosity. Our programs are given freely, and we rely also on your generosity – this is the traditional way of the Buddha Dharma. When we share with a feeling that we have more than we need and do so with a bodhisattva’s intent to benefit all sentient beings, and for the Dharma to last long in this world; we create pure, limitless, and profound goodness for ourselves and for others. How amazing!

Up until now Geshe la and Khedrup la have held informal volunteer roles, with your donations going towards supporting their needs. With long term residency assured, Geshe Sonam and Lama Yeshe Ling have signed the official FPMT resident teacher agreement, and now Geshe la and Khedrup la will become part-time staff of the centre, with a regular stipend, which a significant milestone for all of us.