Thank you for your Donation

Thank you so very much for your generous offering.

Please take a moment to rejoice and dedicate the merit you have created.

We are so grateful for your support – everything we do arises from the ethic of generosity.
Our programs are given freely, and we rely also on your generosity – this is the traditional and pure way of the Buddha Dharma.

When we share with a feeling that we have more than we need,
and do so with a bodhisattva’s intent to benefit all sentient beings,
and for the Dharma to remain long in this world;
we create pure, limitless, and profound goodness for ourselves and for others.

How amazing!

Then by giving to a karmically powerful object, 
such as a Dharma Teacher,
supporting a community practicing Dharma,
the result is yet more profound and vast.

So rejoice, rejoice;

we rejoice!