Thank you for your Donation

Thank you so very much for your generous offering.

Please take a moment to rejoice and dedicate the merit of what you have done.

Supporting Dharma teachings is an incredibly powerful act – it is the highest long-term form of generosity – sharing with others path to full awakening. Being a Dharma supporter creates the causes to meet and follow the teachings, it deepens the connection with the teacher; and it connects you with this community. 

By giving with a mind feeling you have more than you need,
by giving with the intent to take responsibility for the full awakening of every being by becoming full awakened yourself,
you create pure unlimited goodness for yourself and others.

By giving to the karmically powerful field of accumulation,
the Dharma Teacher or the Dharma Centre aspiring to this,
the karmic result is yet more profound and vast.

So rejoice, rejoice; we rejoice!