Tibetan Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Course with Geshe Tenzin Nyima

Tibetan Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Course with Geshe Tenzin Nyima

time 6:00 PM

Every Friday from




Great News: We now have enough people registered for this course so it will be held as planned.

We are now extending the cut-off for registration by one day to Thursday, March 21st at 7 pm EDT. Registration is now closed for this course.

When: Seven classes on Friday evenings, from Friday, March 22nd to May 3rd, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM, EDT.

Where: Online via Zoom (registration is necessary).

To register for the complete program and tuition details please click here. Limited seats are available.

As Geshe Tenzin la resides independently in Toronto, tuition fees are requested for this course to make a meaningful offering to Geshe la for his living expenses and to cover costs.

This program is available as a full program only. Geshe la has asked that participants only watch in real-time so recordings will not be made/available.

Join us for a transformative 7-session course on Tibetan Naro Tsa Lung Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation with Geshe Tenzin Nyima. Tibetan Naro Tsa Lung Yoga is a time-honoured tradition. Naro refers to the great Mahasiddha Naropa, Tsa refers to the channels or chakras, and Lung the energy or prana that moves through those channels.

This comprehensive program, suited for all experience levels, delves into the ancient practices of Naro Yoga, combining prāṇāyāma (breathing exercises) and āsana (physical postures) from the mahāsiddha tradition. Each 90-minute class will guide you through specific movements and meditations designed to harmonize body, mind, and breath, promoting inner peace and well-being. From foundational techniques to advanced practices, discover the path to enhanced strength, flexibility, balance, and mindfulness, culminating in a deep exploration of self-compassion and the essence of happiness as a way of life.

Week 1: Friday, March 22, 6 pm EDT

Introduction to Tibetan Naro Yoga, Meditation Origins and Benefits. 

A) LUJONG physical Yoga: Tsashin, Lakjang, Khipajang, Lanchanchutun and Dorjegartap,

B) LUNJOR  Pranayama Yoga: Kiwaitsadu, Yanmolukinyashu, Rokhansalwa,

C) GOM Mindfulness meditation. Explain the benefits of mindfulness, and guide the basics of mindfulness. 

Week 2: Friday, March 29, 6 pm EDT

Building Strength and Flexibility and review the basics.

A) LUJONG physical Yoga: Tsashin, Lakjang, Khipajang, Donkiratsi, Jakopurwa,

B) LUNJOR  Pranayama Yoga: NyinkitsaDu,  Bunchen, kiloKorwa, Sashelunjor,

C) GOM Mindfulness meditation. Explain the importance of mindfulness in daily life and guided mindfulness on breathing meditation.

Week 3: Friday, April 5, 6 pm EDT

Balance and Relaxation.

Recap previous days’ learning. Understand the importance of balance and relaxation in yoga and meditation.

A) LUJONG physical Yoga: Tsashin, Lakjang, Khipajang, Khadogalkhan, Donmowodok,

B) LUNJOR Pranayama Yoga: Denpatsadu, Chakkhugukpa, Dorjechakgya

C) GOM mindfulness meditation: Explain about obstacles of meditation and guide Mindfulness of body position,

Week 4: Friday, April 12, 6 pm EDT

Flow and Mindfulness

Summarize what we’ve learned so far. Emphasize the integration of yoga and meditation for a holistic approach to wellness.

A) LUJONG physical Yoga: Tsashin, Lakjang, Khipajang, Nyamokhachk, Jakoshokjan, Khadodarthak,

B) LUNJOR Pranayama Yoga: Chepotsadu Tsadusalwa, khemokhukpa

C) GOM mindfulness meditation: Mindfulness of SubConsciousness,

Week 5: Friday, April 19, 6 pm EDT

Happiness life is always very close to the US. We must be recognized.

A) LUJONG physical Yoga: Tsechakluchek, Lukedulduk

B) LUNJOR  Pranayama Yoga: Sanaitsadu, Yanmolutuk

C) GOM mindfulness meditation: Mahamudra mindfulness meditation

Week 6: Friday, April 26, 6 pm EDT

Leading a life of Self-Compassion is approaching everything with positive energy.

A) LUJONG physical Yoga: Dukichita, Jagothurshok

B) LUNJOR  Pranayama Yoga: Yanlaktsadu, Sikenamrol

C) GOM mindfulness meditation: Mantra meditation

Week 7: Friday, May 3, 6 pm EDT

Happiness is not a destination it is a way of life.

A) LUJONG physical Yoga: Shwapurwa, Nyamokhachk

B) LUNJOR  Pranayama Yoga: Luyotsadu, Rokhansalwa, Yeshichangan

C) GOM mindfulness meditation: Buddha Nature Visualization meditation.