The Evolution of Beauty… Continued!

The Evolution of Beauty… Continued!

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time 7:00 PM


Kristel gave a wonderful presentation on October the 16th in which she educated, entertained, and inspired us with accounts of her story-filled life, tales about the Snowland Art School and the very talented young artists who study there, as well as a brief but insightful talk about the history of art in the world. Kristel has very kindly agreed to complete the last two chapters, The Role of Art in Tibetan Life and Seeing the Stories in Tibetan Art. It is not necessary to have seen the first session and all are welcome to this second evening. The first session can be watched here.

A Brief History of Tibetan Art with Kristel Ouwehand (Tenzin Dolma)

Kristel Ouwehand is a native Hamiltonian and artist, who after learning traditional Tibetan painting from a retired master while teaching English in Drepung Monastery in India, now runs a fine art school in Tibet.

This evening promises to be a passionate, humorous, story-filled evening providing a whole new appreciation for the art.

The topics for the evening are:

The Story of Kristel and the Snowland Art School
Meet the talented, motivated students of Snowland art school in the Amdo region of southern Gansu. Hear the story of how the school accidentally came to be, and meet the teacher who made it happen.

How it all Began
A brief history of how Buddhist art began and evolved, involving a meeting and melding of East and West. It’s an exciting tale of warring kings, wandering pilgrims and paint pigments worth more than gold!

The Role of Art in Tibetan Life
Art in everyday life, both in the monasteries and out. Art in the Tibetan world is much more than decoration, it’s an integral part of life.

Seeing the Stories in Tibetan Art
Gain a whole new appreciation for the depth and layers of meaning contained within Tibetan art. Listen to stories you may not have heard before, and look at thangka paintings in a whole new way.

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Welcome these beautiful Thangkhas and Paintings home 

Kristel has two Thangka’s and two paintings that she will not be able to bring back with her when she goes home. She has generously offered them to members of our community for donation. In this way you can support her amazing work and school, as well as welcome these beautiful sacred images into your home. If you are interested in making an offering for the Thangkas (they were done using an old style of ground stone from Labrang as the priming powder for the canvas which gives them an antique-look) and/or any of the paintings depicting daily life shown below, please send an email to [email protected]