Meditation 101

Meditation 101

Burlington Student Theatre 2131 Prospect Street, Burlington

time 10:00 AM

Every Sunday from




Are you interested in learning to meditate, getting tips, or brushing up on your meditation techniques? Join us for this 5 week introductory course!

Meditation 101 will provide an overview of meditation and basic meditation techniques, including breathing meditation, mindfulness meditation, visualization meditation, and analytical meditation. Each session will include instruction and practice of a new meditation technique and also friendly discussion to share experiences from our home practice and ask questions.

Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation can help reduce stress, increase concentration, increase positive emotions, decrease pain, increase social connection, and serve as a foundation for progressing on the path to enlightenment.

Course Topics:

The course covers the following topics:

  • Meditation posture
  • Purposes and benefits of meditation
  • Different skills used in meditation and useful in daily life
  • The difference between meditation and simple relaxation
  • Two main types of meditation – analytical and stabilizing
  • Obstacles to meditation and their antidotes
  • Setting up a meditation session
  • Advice for establishing a long-term meditation practice
  • Using the benefits of meditation in everyday living
  • Meditation practice
    • breathing meditations: counting and nine-round
    • mindfulness meditations: scanning the body, bare attention, mind like the sky, mind like the ocean
    • visualization meditations: body of light and purification with light
    • analytical meditations: meditation on equanimity and transforming negative experiences into positive ones
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