Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek – Statue Consecration & Transmission

Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek – Statue Consecration & Transmission

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time 11:00 AM


When: Sunday, March 19, 2023, 10:00 am EDT

*** Please note 10:00 am start time

Khensur Rinpoche will visit Lama Yeshe Ling to do the consecration ceremony for our wonderful Buddha statue. This is a very important moment for our centre as this statue will be a powerful source of blessings which will contribute to the success of Lama Yeshe Ling and be of much benefit to many. Geshe Sangpo from Kadampa Center is visiting our centre and has been busy filling the statue with many mantras and precious substances according to tradition.

The transmissions of the mantras of Buddha Shakyamuni, Chenrezig, Manjushri, and Namgyalma will also be given at this time.

“My wish is for FPMT to build many holy objects everywhere, as many as possible. Making it so easy for sentient beings to purify their heavy negative karma and making it so easy for sentient beings to create extensive merit. Which makes it so easy to achieve the realizations of the path and so easy to achieve liberation and enlightenment.” — Lama Zopa Rinpoche

You can learn more about the power of holy objects to help us to progress on our paths to enlightenment here.

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About Khensur Rinpoche

Lama Yeshe Ling is honoured to welcome Khensur Rinpoche to our community. The 74th abbot of Sera Jey Monastery, Khensur Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek, was born in 1939 in Kardze, Kham (Eastern Tibet). Known to his students and friends as Gen Umalajugpa, he is one of the few remaining great lamas partly trained in Tibet. You can learn more about Khensur Rinpoche here.

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