Inspiring Our Minds: Lama Tsongkhapa Home Retreat

Inspiring Our Minds: Lama Tsongkhapa Home Retreat

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When: Wednesday, December 29, 2021 – Friday, December 31, 2021, EST

End the year on a positive note and clear the mind to enter the new year refreshed with our Je Tsongkhapa Home Retreat. Geshe Sonam and Geshe Sherab, along with Venerable Khedrup and Dave Gould, will lead the retreat.

Geshe Sonam Ngodrup will start the retreat with the oral transmission of Ganden Lhagyama and Three Principle Aspects of the Path and give some explanation to help us deepen our experience of these beautiful prayers. Geshe Sherab will be helping us to deepen our compassion and love, guiding us in a session to develop Bodhicitta, the mind of awakening. Combined with the meditations done in the other sessions, we will meditate on all the Stages of the Path to Awakening (Lam Rim) during this retreat.

Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga Practice (Ganden Lhagyama) and the Migtsema prayer are two accessible and beautiful practices of the Gelug tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This is our opportunity to deepen our experience with this practice, as well as with the Stages of the Path to Awakening. You can learn more about Lama Tsongkhapa here. You may follow along on Zoom or download the practice lama_tsongkhapa_guru_yoga_c5 beforehand. We will also recite and receive the oral transmission of the Praise to Manjusri.

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Wednesday, December 29 Thursday,
December 30
Friday, December 31
1st session 1 – 3 pm Geshe Sonam:
Oral Transmission & Virtuous Friend
Khedrup la: Karma, Samsara & Nirvana Geshe Sonam: Calm Abiding & Wisdom of Emptiness
2nd session 4 – 6 pm Dave: Precious Human Rebirth & Death Geshe Sherab: Bodhicitta: the Heart of Awakening Khedrup la: Vajrayana, Samaya & Retreat
3rd session 9 – 11 pm Dave: Purification


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