Cause and Effect – How to Purify the Mind

Cause and Effect – How to Purify the Mind

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Geshe Sonam Ngodrup
time 10:00 AM




Geshe Sonam will present, in a most accessible way, “Cause and Effect – an Explanation of Karma with an Emphasis on Purification, Emptiness, and Dependent Arising”.

Saturday June 6 & Sunday June 7 10 am to 12 pm

When you try and fail, when you go around in circles without getting anywhere; this is a sign it is a good time to purify the karma which is overwhelming your mind; then you will be free once again to make progress.

Geshe la will explain in a non-religious way:

· The principle of cause and effect – Karma
· How karma, dependent-arising and emptiness are related
· How to purify unwholesome karma using the 7 limbs and 4 opponent powers
· How to use this understanding in meditation

Although this is the culmination of the Discovering Buddhism course “All About Karma”, all are welcome. On the Tuesday after (June 9) the evening will be dedicated to purification meditations.

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