Ascending the Path of Vajrayāna: Aspects of Highest Yoga Tantra – Part Two: the Generation Stage Practice of Śrī Cakrasaṃvara

Ascending the Path of Vajrayāna: Aspects of Highest Yoga Tantra – Part Two: the Generation Stage Practice of Śrī Cakrasaṃvara

time 10:00 AM


Part Two: Essence of All Heroes and Yoginis: Essential Aspects of the Generation Stage Practice of Śrī Cakrasaṃvara

When: *** Rescheduled to Saturday, April 29, 2023, 10:00 – 11:00 or 11:15 am EDT, registration is now open until Friday, April 28, 2023, at 19:00 EDT

Geshe Sonam has asked that all past recordings be made available (to qualified viewers – see below) until April 30 to allow those who participated in His Holiness’ Chakrasamvara Initiation on March 8 and 9, and Khensur Rinpoche’s recent Vajrayogini Initiation here, to view all of the teachings. After that time, each session will only be available for a limited amount afterwards.

Times of future monthly teachings will be announced.

Where: These sessions are presented live from Zoom with the meeting details sent to qualified participants prior to the event (please see below).  A recording of each session will be accessible from an authorized view on with an individual logon account given to each participant.

This will allow people from different time zones to watch at their convenience. We ask that you do not share this link with anyone else so that we can ensure that the teachings are only watched by qualified viewers.

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About the Teachings: The practice of Heruka-Cakrasaṃvara is a highest yoga tantra, of the mother tantras emphasizing the attainment of clear light. It is one of the three principal highest yoga tantra deities recommended by Lama Tsongkhapa, and it is said that the practice becomes more powerful as times become degenerate and the desire of sentient beings increases.

There are three widely practiced forms of Cakrasaṃvara in the Gelug tradition: The Five Deity Cakrasaṃvara of Ghantapa, The Cakrasaṃvara Body Mandala of Ghantapa, and the Cakrasaṃvara 62 Deities of Luipa. Geshe la’s commentary will begin with an overview of the practice that is relevant to all the systems such as: the meaning of Heruka, the Vajrasattva recitation and purification, the blessing of the inner and outer offerings, the Three Purifications practice, the meaning of the deity’s appearance, mantra recitation and so forth.

If time permits and there is interest, there is a possibility of further sessions focusing on unique aspects of the different Cakrasaṃvara sadhanas.

Please Note: Participation in Geshe Sonam’s Vajrayana teachings requires an empowerment into a deity practice of Highest Yoga Tantra such as Cakrasaṃvara, Yamāntaka, Kālacakra, Vajrayogini or Guhyasamāja.

While all students with a highest yoga tantra initiation are permitted to attend the commentary on Heruka Cakrasaṃvara, it should be understood that only those with an initiation into the Cakrasaṃvara such as the Ghantapa Five Deity Heruka, Ghantapa Body Mandala of Heruka, or the Luipa 62 Deity Heruka are permitted to fully engage in the sadhana and practice the self-generation.

Although Geshe la will present the commentaries as a dharma friend wishing to aid students in understanding the teachings and not require a vajra guru-disciple relationship, he does request that students maintain a deep and stable respect and faith for the profound Vajrayāna teachings, and avoid developing wrong views.

Participants will be required to fill out a form, if they have not already done so for attendance to earlier sessions of this series, in order to confirm that they attended an appropriate empowerment.

Register by Friday, April 28, 2023, at 19:00 EDT to allow time for registration confirmations to be processed. Those who attended previous sessions will not be required to register again.

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