Arising Great Compassion with Geshe Sonam

Arising Great Compassion with Geshe Sonam

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time 10:00 AM



When: Saturday, November 27, 2021, 10 am – 12 pm EST

Patrul Rinpoche was a great scholar-yogi of the Nyingma School whose work “Words of My Perfect Teacher” is a practical, inspiring manual offering an overview of the complete path to enlightenment. In this teaching, Geshe la will present Patrul Rinpoche’s moving instructions for arising great compassion, the mind of awakening (Bodhicitta) that embraces all sentient beings. This supreme altruism is the very life-force of the path, capable of opening our hearts. It is the best method for building harmonious, loving relationships with others and a source of inspiration in difficult times.

“Over and over again, meditate on the thought of how wonderful it would be if each one of those beings could have all the happiness and comfort they wish. Meditate on it until you want others to be happy just as intensely as you want to be happy yourself.”
Patrul Rinpoche in Words of My Perfect Teacher

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