Animal Liberation Ceremony for Arunas Antinaitus and Everyone

Animal Liberation Ceremony for Arunas Antinaitus and Everyone

time 2:00 PM


When: Monday, April 10, 2023, 2:00 pm, EST

Where: Backyard of Lama Yeshe Ling, 1287 Coric Ave, Burlington, ON L7R 3S4

About the practice of liberating animals

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche has given Arunas some additional advice for his health, which is to liberate animals from dying. Lama Yeshe Ling will be hosting a special animal liberation event Monday, April 10 at 2 pm at the ‘Ling’ (1287 Coric Avenue, Burlington). It is best to respond quickly to Rinpoche’s advice so we are arranging for this ceremony very quickly. The main type of animals will be hundreds of earthworms, liberated from live bait shops. Many prayers will be made for the worms before releasing them into the garden. Everyone is welcome.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche writes:

“Liberating animals is a practical, powerful method to prolong life when an untimely death is threatening to end someone’s life. The practice of White Tara, Namgyälma, or another enlightened being who helps to grant long life can also be done. The person would receive the initiation of a long-life deity from a qualified lama and then do the meditations and recitation of mantras associated with that deity. To help ensure a long life, the purification practice of making tsa-tsas is also commonly done.

“Liberating animals is one of the important ways in which people who have cancer, AIDS, or other life-threatening diseases can heal themselves and have a long life. With any disease that shortens life, there is a need to create the cause for a long life, and prolonging the life of others is one way to prolong your own life. Generally, if we wish to be healthy and to live a long life in this and in future lives, we should take vows not to kill other sentient beings. Other practices to prolong life include taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts and reciting certain powerful mantras. The practice of liberating animals is primarily for prolonging life and the recitation of mantras is more for healing sickness or providing protection from the harmful beings that become conditions for certain diseases. Liberating animals is like eating a specific diet to build up your health and reciting mantras is like taking medicine to destroy germs.

“It is best to liberate an animal that you are able to look aft er yourself. By feeding them every day, you perform the Dharma practice of giving charity and create much good karma, the cause of happiness. You not only bring happiness to the animal, but also constantly create the cause of your own future happiness. Also, if the animal is carnivorous, you save it from killing other animals. Animal liberation does not have to be done only for yourself. You can also dedicate the practice to members of your family or to other people. You can actually dedicate it to all living beings.“–