Amy Miller – Developing Self Compassion for Inner Peace

Amy Miller – Developing Self Compassion for Inner Peace

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time 11:30 AM


When:  Sunday, November 7 2021: 11:30am to 1:00pm, 2:00pm to 3:30pm EST
NOTE: Daylight Savings Time ends at 2:00 am on this day Nov 7.

This workshop will help us identify and understand and give us the power to change painful states of mind, such as anger, attachment, pride, jealousy, uncertainty, depression, anxiety, and fear; through developing compassion for ourselves.

We assume it is normal to question our worth and be harsh with ourselves, but this modern problem is a big obstacle to caring for ourselves wisely. Hear Venerable Amy describe how developing compassion for ourselves is one of the principal accomplishments of our spiritual development, and how this gives us the power to change and to discover peacefulness from within.

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Venerable Amy was ordained as a Buddhist nun in June 2000 by the great Tibetan master, Ven. Choden Rinpoche, and has been teaching extensively since 1992. Her teaching style emphasizes a practical approach to integrating Buddhist philosophy into everyday life. She is happy to help people connect with meditation and mindfulness in an effort to gain a refreshing perspective on normally stressful living. Amy’s courses and retreats focus on establishing and maintaining a meditation and mindfulness practice, death and dying, overcoming anxiety and depression, battling addiction, dealing with self-esteem issues, and cultivating compassion and loving-kindness. She is also often involved in leading a variety of retreats.

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