Words of My Perfect Teacher (April 14th, 2024): Session 6 Supplemental Readings & Link to Online Quiz

We now include the option of supplemental readings to our Sunday teachings on Words of My Perfect Teacher. You can learn more about this series of teachings on the Series page.

The recording of Session 6 can be found here on Lama Yeshe Ling’s YouTube Channel.

Session 6 Supplemental Readings:

For those who have Words of My Perfect Teacher, Padmakara edition:
pages. 14-16.

For all students, resources available without copyright:
A Lamp Illuminating the Path to Liberation, pages 14-15.
A_Lamp_Illuminating_the_Path_to_Liberation_2nd_ed.pdf (lhaseylotsawa.org)

Session 6 Online Quiz and Answers:

This is for the fun of testing your own knowledge so and adding your name and email address is optional. The results will be shared with Geshe la to help him know how we are doing.

Quiz with Immediate Answers here.


“I have shown you the methods that lead to liberation, but you should know that liberation depends upon yourself.”

Geshe Sonam explained that the Buddha would not have stated that liberation depends upon our own efforts if He did not believe we were capable of it.