Day of Miracles Part 2: Shakyamuni Buddha Puja with Khedrup la

Day of Miracles Part 2: Shakyamuni Buddha Puja with Khedrup la

Zoom Meeting Online

time 7:00 PM


The Fifteen Days of Miracles—from the first day of the Tibetan new year (Losar, February 21, 2023) until the fifteenth (March 7, 2023)—commemorate the special time when Guru Shakyamuni Buddha showed miraculous powers in order to subdue six tirthikas, or non-Buddhist teachers, who lacked faith in him, and to inspire more faith in his followers. It culminates on the full moon, the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, which is the actual day of Chötrul Düchen. Merit created on this day (and during all of the Days of Miracles) is multiplied 100 million times according to the Vinaya text Treasure of Quotations and Logics so this is a wonderful opportunity for us to practice online together.

When: Tuesday, March 7, 2023, 7:00 – 8:00 pm EST, online

Khedrup la will lead us in a recitation of the Shakyamuni Buddha Puja. It is one of the practices Lama Zopa Rinpoche recommends to do on the four great holy days and eclipses. A beautiful and deeply inspirational puja, its extensive seven-limb practice includes an homage to the Buddha that recollects his heroic and compassionate deeds as a bodhisattva in his previous lives. The text will be shown online as we recite the puja. If you would like to download the puja, it can be found here.

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Learn more about Part 1: Celebrations on The Day of Miracles here.

Specific advice from Lama Zopa Rinpoche for practices to do on merit multiplying days can be found on, including advice to recite the Sutra of Golden Light on this special day. If you might like to report your recitations using the facility on, which you can find on the Sutra of Golden Light reporting page.

On merit multiplying days, the FPMT Puja Fund sponsors a large number of pujas and practices offered by thousands of sangha on behalf of the entire FPMT. These prayers are dedicated to all FPMT centers, projects, and services; all students, volunteers, and those who offer service in FPMT; and to all beings in general.

Supporting the Dharma is an incredibly powerful and necessary action, and is especially meritorious on this day.

Our mission at Lama Yeshe Ling is for all of us to develop Dharma realizations. If access to our events required paying a fee, we would loose the opportunity to promote generosity as a necessary part of the path to awakening.

So, our programs are offered freely, with everything we are able to do arising solely through your many forms of generous support. Let us all rejoice in such virtue, we are so grateful.

With a compassionate intention to benefit all sentient beings (limitless),
Thinking ‘may the Dharma Jewel remain long in this world’ (profound),
Sharing with a feeling that we have more than we need (purity);
We create limitless, profound, and pure goodness for ourselves and for others. Amazing!

Due to virtues from our past we are connected to holy Dharma now; when you offer support for the Dharma you create the causes for continuing this precious connection.