Venerable Connie Miller Biography

Venevenerable Connie Millerrable Constance Miller is an American nun in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Ordained by Kyabje Zong Rinpoche in 1978, she has been teaching Buddhist philosophy and practice in FPMT centers in Europe, Asia, and America since 1982. She assisted our namesake, Lama Yeshe, in establishing the project entitled Universal Education, now known as Essential Education, and served as its Director for a number of years following its inception.

Respectfully known as the ‘Mother’of Essential Education, Connie translates Buddhist philosophy and wisdom into simple terms to benefit all cultures and walks of life. In May of this year she co-facilitated ‘What is EE?’ at the Latin American Essential Education Conference in Mexico and will be teaching and training at the EE Gathering in Toulouse, France this summer.