Tara Puja for the Dalai Lama and Tibet

Event Date: 
June 23, 2018 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Guru Rinpoche and Tara Pujas for the Dalai Lama and Tibet

Lama Zopa Rinpoche has requested all FPMT centers, projects, and services to do specific practices for Tibet, to help His Holiness’ "middle way" wishes to succeed quickly.

We invite you to join us in dedicating our practice of Four Manadala offering Cittamani to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the well-being of the people of Tibet.

We will count our mantra recitations and pujas to be offered by the 12th July. Please also consider that you may count the Mantra Promised by Tara at home also (see link below). Thursday June 21 and Thursday June 28 are very good days for doing this mantra. 

Lama Zopa Rinpoche relates:

'This day—the day of Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and passing away into parinirvana—I felt we should do something for Tibet, something to help His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s holy wishes succeed quickly, without taking much time. Something to bring about great change in mainland China, in the minds of the members of the government and those who control the politics there. Something for the freedom of Tibet or the freedom of the middle way approach, whatever is best.

According to my Mickey Mouse observations, what comes out best are:

50,000 recitations of the Mantra Promised by Tara, and

500 Four Mandala Offering to Tara pujas.

These should be done by all the FPMT centers, projects and services with bodhicitta motivation and strong devotion to His Holiness, as an offering of service to him in the fulfillment of his wishes, thinking as follows:

“May the Beijing government change its mind regarding His Holiness and Tibet, may the Chinese politicians see that His Holiness is Chenrezig and become totally devoted to him and do exactly as he wishes. May they invite His Holiness to Tibet with total devotion and appreciation so that billions of people can see his holy face, receive teachings and enjoy the unbelievable happiness of meeting His Holiness and the Dharma. May there be the total freedom of the middle way approach for the Tibetan people inside and outside of Tibet.

“Then, by the spread of the stainless Dharma in this way, may there be more buddhas and bodhisattvas than there ever were when Tibet was free, so that Buddhadharma encompasses the whole world, lasts a long time, spreads throughout the ten directions and more sentient beings meet and practice Dharma, thereby quickly reaching enlightenment.”

The longer it takes for Tibet to be free, the more people become frustrated and unhappy. They can’t wait any longer, they can’t stand the situation, so they self-immolate. That is all they can think to do. So, the longer it takes, the more people burn.

In the Mantra Promised by Tara there is a place where you put in a name or wish, so there you can say: “For the Beijing government to change its mind and give total freedom to Tibet and for there to be more buddhas and bodhisattvas than ever before.”

It would be very, very good for us in the FPMT to do this. This is something we can do. In the past we have offered many long life pujas to His Holiness but we ourselves haven’t done one lately. We’ve done some along with other monasteries and traditions but we haven’t done one by ourselves. So I was thinking the whole of the FPMT should come together to offer His Holiness an elaborate long life puja, offering an actual live elephant with great decorations, with students dressed up as a king, a minister, a princess and so forth, perhaps in Bodhgaya or Kushinagar.

This is time for us to do something, to hurry the process along.'

According to the Tibetan calendar this is also Guru Rinpoche day. One reason Guru Rinpoche is celebrated is that he was instrumental in subduing the obstructions to Dharma taking root in Tibet in the 9th century. We will include a brief practice of Guru Rinpoche also in honor of subduing obstacles to our practice of virtue. 

This event is at a member's home. Please call (905)-296-3728 or email registrations@lamayesheling.org if you are interested in attending.


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