Phenpo Tendhar Thangka Painter


TaraWe are delighted to present high quality giclee prints on canvas of 3 beautiful thangkas painted by Phenpo Tendhar. Tendhar belongs to the 9th generation of a family of artists who are painters, whose skills are passed on from father to son. His ancestors have painted thangkas since the time of the Fifth Dalai Lama. He has painted frescos in the great palaces and monasteries in Tibet, India and Nepal. Not only is he a great artist, he is also a dedicated Buddhist practitioner and scholar who paints to exacting standards with a virtuous mental attitude.

Green Tara: Green Tara represents Skilful Means and Compassion in Action, and the virtues of success in work and achievements. She offers protection from unfortunate circumstances. She is the female aspect of Chenrezig (Avalokitesvara) and in some origin stories she emanated from his tears.

The elements of this thangka are spectacular. The small and large prints are limited to 50 in number, and are signed on the back by the artist. The original has been blessed by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and is not for sale.









Thousand Armed Chenrezig

Thousand Arm Chenrezig: The embodiment of the compassion of all the Buddhas, Chenrezig meditation is practiced in all the great lineages of Tibetan Buddhism. The 6th Century King Songsten Gampo, and the Dalai Lamas are considered to be emanations of Chenrezig.

Chenrezig made a vow that he would not rest until he had liberated all the beings in all the realms of suffering. After working diligently for many eons, he became despondent upon realizing the immense number of beings yet to achieve enlightenment. He burst into thousands of pieces in frustration and felt intense suffering. Amitabha Buddha put the pieces back together as a body with 1000 arms, with an eye in each hand, and 11 faces, so that Chenrezig could work with myriad beings at the same time.

The elements of this thangka are well balanced and highly intricate. The small and large prints are limited to 50 in number, and are signed on the back by the artist. The original is also offered for purchase.







Four Armed Chenrezig


Chenrezig and The Six Realms: This is a stunning piece with Chenrezig at the centre radiating compassion to the six realms of existence (God, Demi-God, Human, Animal, Hungry Ghost and Hell realms), signifying his commitment to end the suffering of all beings. Above him is the Buddha, representing the ultimate goal of all the realms, the achievement of enlightenment.


The detail on this piece is truly remarkable and is captured by the high quality print. The small and large prints are limited to 50 in number, and are signed on the back by the artist. The original is available for purchase.


Small: $100

18 X 25.5 cm (7 X 10 inches) plus tapestry border

Large: $150

43 X 58.5 cm (17 X 23 inches) plus tapestry border

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“I started to learn thangka painting with my father. When I was 19 years old, I helped him to create a medicine thangka which had been ordered by the College of Medicine and Astrology in Lhasa. It was then that I enrolled myself at the Society of traditional arts of Lhasa for the following five years. I was lucky to benefit from the experience and knowledge of this Society where seven great Masters taught. I was also able to work in etc. I did this 1987. Then the political situation in Tibet worsened and forced me to flee to India.

In exile in India, I saw for the first time His Holiness the Dalai Lama, which was a moving experience. Then, for two years, I painted frescos representing the Kalachakra deities as well as the coloured details of the thirteen deities of Yamantaka, in the Kalachakra temple which is in the monastery of Namgyal. I also worked in Gyuto monastery, before joining the school of Thangka of the Tibetan Library for six consecutive years, in Dharamsala, under the direction of the Master Sangey Yeshi-la. I created by myself a huge mandala, composed of eight thangkas of the Medicine Buddha. This thangka is kept by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, in his private apartments. In 1994, I settled in Nepal and continued to paint with five students.”

Following exhibitions in Spain, Portugal, France and the United States, Tendhar became a Canadian resident in 2007 and has settled in Toronto with his wife and children.