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This community is created by volunteers and operates entirely by volunteer offerings of time, energy, love, and funds.  Your interest is what makes this a healthy supportive community. We really appreciate your contribution.

Here you can indicate what interests, talents and skills you would like to offer the community.

Volunteer Information

You can volunteer for as short or long a time as you like.

You can update you volunteer information anytime by first creating an account, logging on, going to 'My Account' on the left hand side menu and then to the 'Edit' and then 'Volunteer Information' tabs.

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New Volunteer

If you would like to volunteer, here are ways in which you might like to contribute:

What do you like to do, what are you good at doing, what would you like to learn to do?
We'd love to offer a children's program.
Coordinating and doing the logistics for a special event such as a weekend retreat or when a teacher comes.
Come a bit early and open the venue, put on the kettle, make people feel welcome, and close up afterward.
Help the treasurer and accountant with financial things.
We have items and books for sale at some special events.
Design posters, cards, logos etc., for publicity, special events and the website.
We lend and we also print materials for our courses and meditations.
Help answering phone messages, registrations, mailing, receipts, etc.
Join a group of people who pray for people's needs as requested, as part of your daily prayers.
Be part of the publicity and marketing team, making Lama Yeshe Ling and Centre for Compassion and Wisdom; and its programs known in the community.
Be part of the team for special event planning such as when we have a teacher coming, weekend retreats or a visit from the relics.
Help maintain and update two web sites. - Creating regular and special event pages. - Drupal or CiviCRM administration. - We are considering a new theme.

Thanks for your interest in volunteering.

This whole community is a creation of volunteers and is run by volunteers. We really appreciate your contribution.

Together we can make a difference.