Beneffiting Animals

Event Date: 
September 24, 2017 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm


Animal Liberation Practice

Lama Yeshe Ling will be hosting an afternoon in the country to do animal liberation practice.  A member of the community has kindly offered her farm to do this beneficial practice.

What is Animal Liberation?

Animal liberation is rescuing animals from impending death, such as worms being skewered on a fish hook, or lobsters being boiled alive, and then giving them freedom. The animals are then given Dharma blessing by participants reciting special mantras and circumambulating around holy objects with them. This practice is different from an animal blessing for pets. 


How may I participate?

Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring your kids! We welcome you to purchase worms that are being sold as bait. After rescuing them we will perform the animal liberation practice, and then will release them on the property where they may benefit the farm. If you are unable to make the day, perhaps you could consider making a small donation that will go towards worms being rescued from the hook.

Please do not bring pets or other animals to the farm, as they would disturb the resident animals.

*For those with bee allergies, please note there are bee hives on the farm.


How do Animal liberation prayers benefit creatures?

Doing so puts good imprints on the mind streams of the recipients. By reciting mantras blowing on water to bless the water with the mantra and then sprinkling the animals with this water, they are blessed. Holy objects, such as relics, statues, stupas, scriptures, prayer wheels, and images have the unusual power to bless the mind even when beings do not cultivate their own virtuous intentions. These imprints will ripen in future lives enabling them to take rebirth in a pure land or as a human being with the circumstance that support Dharma practice.


How is this practice beneficial other humans and ourselves?

Saving the life, extending the life of others will purify the karma of a life obstacle and be the cause for long life. One also typically dedicates this to all the holy beings and the lives of anyone living in morality or benefiting others and to the enlightenment of all beings. Speaking from brief experience (Dave), the practice can leave you will a strong feeling of light and joy.


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