Another Way to Help Dekyi-Lee - See the new TMM app she has for purchase

Hello dear friends,

As you are aware, our beloved Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw is going through a very challenging time in her life due to a horrific car accident last Monday 28th April. I am sure she is aware of all the love and prayers pouring out for her wellbeing and deep wishes for her speedy recovery.

As she will be working on her recovery for a long time, her family and friends would like to help in any way possible, and so I'm sharing news that Dekyi-Lee had collaborated with an App designer in the UK named Geoff Falk. Between them they developed a Transformative Mindfulness Methods App which is called MindArt. It has all the TMM functions cleverly incorporated with Dekyi-Lee giving verbal instructions for the relaxation/body scan/transformative exercises with actual interactive touch screen to indicate on the body where potential transformation can happen. It is fantastic!

Please check out the MindArt App which is available at $2.99 for Android/Tablets. She has shares in this product which would help to generate some funds which she will certainly need in the future. You can access this APP to buy through the following sites: OR

Google Play Store link:

Thank you for taking time to read this and hopefully we can spread the word about this amazing APP...because it truly is a wonderful tool that beautifully displays these amazing transformative methods developed by Dekyi-Lee which are much needed in the world.

There is also a TWITTER Account set up for information/reviews, please do join and spread the word -

Please note there is also a Facebook site called "Mindart - Transformative Mindfulness Methods App" available to check for latest app updates, comments, suggestions and reviews: